Need a Change of Vision

Many of u may be looking at this article for some inspirational or emotional or lovable stuff according to the type of text u prefer to read. But before u start reading it further, let me clarify u that this not such kind of stuff u r looking for. But yes I can say one thing surely that after u complete reading this article, u will surely feel one thing…….”Agar ye likh sakta hai article to mai kyu nahi”…..

HeHe….Just kidding….. Don’t underestimate me.
😉 😉

Neither my life is not going to end so soon nor I am so aged that I can teach you basic fundas and difficulties of life. But it’s just an attempt from my side to make u feel what I felt life is all about. Believe me it’s just an illusion of good and bad. My definition may seem like typical words of some old experienced man but trust me this is what I really felt till now.

You see, the people whom you consider your best ones may suddenly change to worst ones within fraction of seconds, if they do something that is against u. But if u look at the same thing from others perspective who are not involved in the matter, you will find the thing that those people were good for u till now because they were doing things according to you. But as soon as they did something that didn’t suits you, you proved them wrong and made them bad. But reaching this level of vision is tough for many or I can say most. Because we always limit our vision around us.

Self Centered

And here arises the need to change our vision to look at things beyond your own circle and identify what is reality. Or you just put yourself in place of the one opposite to u and realize what u will feel and would do if u were in that situation. I know m asking u to do the thing that is really tough and especially for a self-centralized person. But this is the best possible way to overcome most of the overwhelming situations with the maximum ease. And trust me once u will start looking at situations in the way your opposite one sees, you are done with half of your problems.

By this time u might have understood that m doing this whole discussion taking the reference of just two persons. And since m sharing my life experiences, you will also get this now that among the two, one is myself. But who is the other ….?
Aaaaa…hh. Dont waste your poor mind in guessing the other.

Oops I apologize for calling my readers’ mind poor. Doing so may reduce my little fan following(if any) to none .
So come back you excellent minded people from your imaginations. But ya you can expect a ‘she’ here also if u wish to. I won’t mind it.

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This may be your story- 2


I took a sigh of relief after his words. At least the guy who was most likely to try on her is out of the competition. Now I was having a fair chance of winning her heart.

So I was waiting for the right moment to introduce myself to her. We were having our Lab sessions after lunch those days. So when we all gathered for the second meet in our Lab, our Lab assistant made groups of five for doing experiments. It took no time to create a curve on my face. We all five sat in a line according to our roll nos. Although I was not having guts to start first, I tried to say hello. But don’t know how my words got jumbled and they were like “A.a.a.aa..b…bb.”

She looked at my opened my mouth and my loosely spread teeth, gave me a smile and turned back to her work. I tried a lot but was unable to say a hello throughout the 3 hour lab class. I was lacking in guts coz it was my first time when I was interacting with a girl face to face, with a different intention.
Coming back to my room, I was feeling shame on myself. But still I thought of trying again. Dropping my bags in my room, I ran towards hostel computer lab and grabbed a PC in hurry. Opened my facebook account and searched for her. After looking at the results I felt that God has already done a custom search for me and is showing me the favorable result, coz she was just the 2nd option. I sent her a friend request and in no time she accepted it as if she was waiting for my request.
There is one problem with girls I have generally noticed. Even if they want to be in contact with a guy and want all this to happen, they will never take the initiative, coz they think this can spoil their image. Well….Since this time I won’t have to face her, I sent her a message.

Prateek- Hiiiiiiii.
/* And got an instant reply from her side. For coders I don’t think its needed to explain that this block is a comment and not a part of the actual code  */

Puja- Hii
Prateek- Kal ka timetable bhej do mai lena bhool gaya.
/* Well… If a time table can help you to start a chat with a girl, I bet you, u will never prefer to ask your two room-mates even once for that. */

Puja-I don’t know how to attach a file in facebook…. 😦 😦
/* Since I told you that I am a bit lucky, things were going in my favor. */

Prateek- Look dear…..
Prateek- *deer
Prateek- *dear 😀 😀
/* Well if you are about to explain something to a girl and you are not being nice to them, then they can find it as an insult to their bit of intelligence. So I started with a dear, but unfortunately I got messed up with the spelling. Earlier I wrote it correct but then I thought “Isme to badi ee ki matra lagti hogi”. So I changed it. But still I was confused. So I pressed ‘Ctrl + Alt + W’ (wordweb), which is the best way to check for spellings. Now I hope you can get, why my next comment was there with a * and foolish smile at the end.*/

Prateek- From your profile, open messages, and there below text box u will find an option for adding attachment.

Finally after a lot many attempts she was successful in sending me the file. I became so happy, not for getting the file in my chat box but after her lovely thanks (although she just wrote thanks, but I found it soooo lovely) and very sweet smiley (I don’t know what was so sweet in that). But of one thing I was sure. Explaining her to add an attachment made me feel like I am attached with her from ages and I again got lost in her dreams.
I proudly wrote in my chat box-

Prateek- My pleasure darling.
Puja- :O :O :O :O
/* She gave me shocking expressions. */

Being unaware of what I have just sent, I felt strange for her shocking smiles. So I checked my reply to her and that was really shocking for me too. I sent “darling” to a girl with whom I am chatting for the first time and I have to see her the very next morning. Now I understood why day dreaming is harmful. I just felt like ‘Gayi bhains pani me’. Now patching up with her will be like a dream for me coz she won’t even talk to me now. I have never been like this before and I myself was shocked with such behavior of mine. While I was murmuring all this and biting my nails hard, I got her reply after a long time..

Puja- 🙂 🙂
She gave me its okk type expression. But still I was feeling nervous for replying anything. When I didn’t give a reply, she replied…
Puja- 😉
I got confused. Now what is this? She is accepting my words yaar. Now should I say sorry for my words or continue by sending ;). If I will send sorry she may think that m a simple good boy or m pretending to be good. But this will spoil my image that I have made by passing in style from her front in the class. But if I will send ;), she might think that m a bad guy and this too can spoil my image. I don’t know what kind of girl she is and what kind of boy she is looking for.

Puja- ?????
Prateek- Sorry 😉
Prateek- Gotta go now for dinner. See you in the morning.
I thought it would be the best way to escape. I logged out from my account but was willing to log in into her heart.

This may be your story-3

To be continued….