A Week Full Of Expenses

This week before V – Day is a kind of ambiguous week for most of the peoples, especially for guys – what to do and what not to do? Those who are already in a relation will be struggling to compensate the expectations of their girlfriends, whereas those who are trying on someone will be trying hard to get a confirmation in return for their efforts and gifts. Many people’s relationship status will get changed to committed, whereas many will become single (as number of girls remain constatnt). I hope u people have understood the bracket part of last line :P.

Well.., in this special week for lovers, I thought of telling you what actually love is, coz many are still confused about its definition. For defining love I will just quote a stolen Hindi proverb which says :

“Ye wo Laddoo hai.. Jo khaye pachtaye.. Jo na khaye pachtaye”

Before coming to the topic of this article I want to list out one more thought of mine. – Why these special days are only for girls. I mean why can’t a girl give roses to a person whom she loves, or shares her chocolates with him, or can give him some gift that he would be delighted to have. Just think about this.

Now coming back to the theme of this article, I will name this week before V-Day as E-Week rather than V-Week, where E stands for Expenses. For guys – If you really want to make this week a special one for your girl, you are required to have at least 2000-3000 balance in your account. The amount may vary depending on your seriousness and devotion towards your relation, but still minimum requirement is of 1000 Rupees. If you don’t agree with that just go through a deep day by day analysis for this week.

1. Day One: Rose Day – If you are planning to give a single Rs.5 rose to her, then beware dude…. That rose might not look sufficient to your girl to express your love towards her and can come back to your face. Buy a bunch of roses rather. Amount: Rs.50-100.

2. Day Two: Propose Day – If you are about to propose her with lots of love in your heart but nothing in your hand, chances of acceptance automatically reduces by 50%. So better buy a proposal gift. Amount: Rs.200-300

3. Day Three: Chocolate Day – Well Well Well, a single Rs.5 DairyMilk or a Rs.20 Fruit & Nuts can never suffice a girl’s thirst for chocolates. You have to go for a Bourneville or a bigger one. And in fact you may need to buy two pieces. Amount: Rs.100-200.

4. Day Four: Teddy Bear Day – This may be the costliest thing and can pain your pocket most. Amount: Rs.500-600.

5. Day Five: Promise Day – Guys, feel relaxed now. Your days of hardship are almost over or you can say are postponed for some time. But still you can’t relax. Now the pain is for your little mind to choose a unique and effective promise. Amount: “Mai tumhare liye chaand tare tod launga”.

6. Day Six: Hug Day – The easiest, loveliest, and probably the best way in which a guy can express his love towards a girl. And believe me it’s the most precious gift you can give from your side. This is just what I feel. I don’t know whether you and your girl feel the same or not. Amount: Priceless.

7. Day Seven: Kiss Day – I can clearly see smiles on your faces with this. Ammmmmm….. I don’t know what to say. Just go for it if you can. 🙂 . Amount: “I know you are ready to pay any amount for this”.

And finally here comes your day. The V-Day. A day full of love(may be). Enjoy the day at its max(if you are getting patched up). Go out and live out loud(if you have someone to be with). And have an outing (if you are still left with some chillars in your wallet).

🙂 Happy Valentine’s Day 🙂

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14 thoughts on “A Week Full Of Expenses

  1. nice work..but i dont agree wid your opinion..i dont think spending much may help you in improving your relationship in any way..i think that giving a hand made card or a 10 rupee choclate wid pure heart may help u more in improving ur relationship.
    and ya if u would hav added ur opinion abt “why can’t a girl give roses ?” it would be much better.
    i would love to read abt ur thinking on “why can’t a girl give roses ?” in the next blog.

    1. yaar it depends on the type of relation you hold and type of girl you are referring. for some girls only money and tangible goods matters whereas for some feelings are more important.i agree that the case i have presented is not a generalized case and also not so common. but i always try to include some humor content in my articles so that they may get a better audience and people can go through my experiances with some funny facts. else i know no one here will be interested to read my about my life

    2. And regarding your question, its a bit hard for me to answer why a girl cant give roses. in fact i also have the same question, and thats the reason why i pointed out this thing in my post. why always boys have to take the initiative for starting a relation.

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