A Lustful Mind

A Lustful Mind

We were roaming around
When i got eyes on you
My nerves failed to identify
But heart said “you aren’t new”

My eyes got stuck
My senses mesmerized
Why from this stunning beauty
God kept me deprived

The aroma of your presence
Bound me in all manners
Got activated, my pervert mode
With both eyes turned to scanners

Face was cute and lips were red
Long hairs were all in rest
But all these were of lil meaning
As i had, other areas of interest

But from tip to toe
The things you show
Wowed my things( 😉 )
With a lustful blow.

Sliding down your shoulders
Got caught between the lumps
But found my way, through the gaps
As eyes struggled to snub the humps

With one hand in pocket
I managed to sustain my tour
Burning down to deeper thoughts
Gazing at your “24”

Feeling the slick of the waist
Skated down your curves and cuts
Tried to control my rising tides
But my mind was getting nuts.

A friend pulled me out of the scene
Else someone there would have died
Somehow controlled my immense feelings
But with both hands inside

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