Childhood Memories : 2

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Incident Two ::

This one is not an incident actually, but its a pretty strange part of my childhood. I was very nice and adorable kid that time and was of age 2-3yrs. As kids have nothing to do and are free all the time being good to play with, in many of your cases too, some Didis or aunts must have taken you to their home to laugh at your childish and innocent activities and spend some time with you. Same was in my case. A didi was there in my colony named Paaro(sounds too filmy but it’s her real name). She was so fond of me and my childishness that it was her daily routine to take me to her house. Well these are not things to be mentioned and even not of that importance. Important is what she do to me after that.

She used to dress me up like a girl with lots make-up, bangles, lipsticks and all (Hey i was just of 2 that days :/ ). It was a kind of fun or you can say a fantasy for me too that time. She used to laugh aloud after looking at me in that get-up holding a dupatta over my head with a cute innocent smile on my face.
I was also a kind of friend for her with whom she used to share many of her problems and or about things she wish to. I don’t remember if she was having any friend there or not other than just a kid (me) who is immature to understand and react properly in their so called friendly talks.

As all these incidents are of very early stage, my memories are so weak to reveal each and every aspect. But still my nerves are giving their best.
Paaro di was among those girls i feel who were bounded to live a life they don’t like. What i mean is, she was not happy with her family and was very alone. She was having some problem, but i don’t know what. She was not happy, but i don’t know why. I was too immature that time to think about all these things and worry about her problems. Also kids live a world of their own with no worries of whats going around them.

These things were of little or no importance for me that time. But now when I think over those days I feel glad that i was the one who ever brought smiles on her face. I know i wont be able to identify her if she ever will pass by me, but m sure of one thing, Her name will always be in my memories.

By the way. Let me verify you that i was really an adorable kid those days ;). If you don’t believe, have a look at this. Its a bit blurred as i took this pic from an old photo of mine.

Childhood Memories : 1

From last many days i was working on a verse to share it at wordress but was lacking in words and rhythm to accomplish it. So a thought to attend you guys with a prose section came in my mind, as a friend suggested me that m good in that too 😀 . But then problem arises that what would be the topic this time. I was about to start with a fiction, but then i felt, why not to share about my childhood incidents. Coz those were the days, i believe, will never come again. And some of them were so damn funny and idiotic that when i think of them now, i wonder, was it me that time.?? And some of them were terribly horrific too.

Well i will be sharing my experiences only. Feel free to share yours (if you are not ashamed of) in comments or if you want me to share it in a separate post, then message me on facebook or give it to me in person. Don’t feel that it will sound too dumb. Just say it and you yourself will feel a big smile on your face.

Incident One ::

My faded memory tells me that i was in class 2nd that time. For taking me and few others of my age, to and from school, a “rikshaw-wala bhaiya” was assigned. It was raining that day and i was not having my rain-coat or any umbrella. By the time i reached my school i was completely drenched, specially with my pants. As i entered into the class-room, class teacher ma’am saw my clothes completely wet and might feared that i will catch cold( it’s just an assumption i made myself) if i sit like that throughout the day.

By this time, a girl too entered( i don’t remember her name but just have a blurred image of her in my mind) in the same condition as mine. I still have a doubt why, but ma’am asked me to take off my pants and her to take of her skirt. I don’t remember how i reacted after that but it looks too weird to me now( if you know what i mean). She hanged them on a window pane and then asked us to sit. As we both were running towards our respective seat feeling ashamed, ma’am stopped us and make us sit together side-by-side, that too on the first bench.
We have never talked with each other, we never sat together, in fact we never gave a proper eye on each-others face till now and today without a reason ma’am made us sit together.

Oh shit man…. I don’t know what expressions i gave to ma’am, but i sat there like a frozen piece without moving a single inch. I still remember that special point when my pencil got dropped down her side and i didn’t bother to pick that up even by the end of the day( although i was very possessive about my things). And i even remember the smile of ma’am that she gave, looking at me.

Now i can sense that she was probably making fun of me. But thinking about this incident sometimes make me roll out of my chair laughing.

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