This may be your story- 4

This may be your story- 3 

His words were not looking satisfactory to me but I thought of relying on him coz he might have faced all these things as he has a girlfriend already.

When I checked my Facebook account late night, there were so many messages of her saying sorry, begging me to come online, with few crying similes at the end. And then I noticed the time for which she has waited for me to come online. There were messages from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. almost after every 15 minutes or half an hour. I felt very bad for making her cry and was about to reply her, but Rahul suddenly stopped me from doing so. My hands were running towards the keyboard to type her a message, but I he didn’t let me.
Next morning when I saw her face in the class I found guilt for yesterday’s things on her face, begging me to talk to her. Even I was keen for the same but I ignored her.

I kept behaving like this for next few days with a hope in my heart every day, that she will approach me and will tell me that she likes me. But as days were passing by, conversation between us was reducing exponentially from her side too. Even our lab sessions were without a word between us. As I found that situation is going beyond expectations I discussed this matter with Rahul once again. He told me not to worry and said that she will surely say one day that she likes me if she truly does.

But I was losing my patience and my senses were saying that she is taking it in a wrong way. So without wasting a minute I logged in my facebook account and luckily found her online.

Prateek- Hiii.
Prateek- I lost my timetable today. Will you help me again? J J
Puja- Idiot. Nalayak. Buddhu. Now say it.
/* I knew what she is expecting me to say but was pretending to be innocent. */
Prateek-Say what? J
Puja- Are you saying it or should I leave :@.
Prateek- Hey hey…. Wait. Don’t go. Actually….. actually…….I felt a bit different for you from the very first day.
Puja- Oh. Different like what? Like a sister?

/* Now I need some guts to say what I feel.*/
Prateek- No no no. Not in that way. I mean like a….. I mean you and me…. more than just friends….
Puja- Oh ya. Even I was thinking of that. I need a brother here who can take care of more than a friend. This is what you too desire, being more than just friends with me. Is it Ok with you?
Prateek- You know what I mean, still you are pulling my leg. Ok. Hmmmm…… I Like/Love you.
Puja- Oh my God. Phattu bol pada. Wow I am surprised with this. By the way what does this Like/Love means.
Prateek- Actually its too early to be called love but me feelings are stronger that like. So I was confused. By the way why didn’t you talk to me these many days?
Puja- Hahahahahaha. You got caught in your own trick. I was just ignoring you to get your attention. Your eyes speak more than you do. So I was confident that you will surely approach me one day.
Prateek- Oh god I am such an idiot. I got caught in my own net. Very Clever ha…..
Puja- Oh What clever. Agar mene yeh step nahi uthaya hota to hum aaj bhai behen hi ban gaye hote.
Prateek- Hehehehehe. Might be.

And then we both carried our conversation too long that day. She saw my blushing face next day morning in class saying me M an idiot and I saw her cute smiling face saying her an angel.

This is how my story got started and is still going on. But I learned golden fact from her. If you want someone to be in your life, then go tell him/her. Don’t rely on signals. And do what your heart says, not what others says.
*******************Happy Ending********************

This may be your story- 3

This may be your story -2

I thought it would be the best way to escape. I logged out from my account but was willing to log in into her heart.

Throughout the night this thing kept moving in mind that how can I be so idiotic or shameless to a girl with whom I was talking for the first time. May be it was her beauty that mesmerized my mind or it may be her simplicity that affected my words. Whatever be the reason, but it was the first time when I understood the meaning of the words “Love is in air.”<3<3. This may look too early for being like love, but I know this is what a boy feels when he first time feels that kind of attraction with a girl. Same was the case with me. Anyways…. With a thought of having her in my dreams this time too, I went to sleep that night, but she kept me awake for long.

The next morning in the college I tried to escape from her eyes somehow, but when I found that her eyes are looking for me, I gathered some courage and approached her with a foolish smile.

“Thanks for the timetable yaar. Because of you only I came here in time today.”
“Oh. Never mind. You are always welcomed. And one more thing, Thanks and Sorry looks cheap between friends. Better drop it when you are with me.”
Me blushing and felling relaxed after her words “Ahh… You mean… Mera matlab hai ki…. Are we friends? ”
“I think we are or we can. But if you want then you can take time to think over it again.”
“No no. It’s my pleasure to have you as my friend. The only thing that I was worried about is my image that I have made in front of you with my yesterday’s words. I thought you won’t talk to me after that.”

“Hmm….That was too surprising for me too. But I know you are not of that kind. So leave it there and move on.”
“Ya. Actually it’s my first ever attract… sorry interaction with a girl……………… So was a bit confused.”

As soon as I somehow completed my sentence I zipped my lips hard enough to prevent anymore slip of words. But I noticed a hidden smile on her face with that.

“Ok then. Go get your lunch. See you in the lab. Byeeeeeeeeeeee”.
“Bye. See you there. ”

While in my way to mess I remembered few tips of Rahul regarding How to know a girl likes you or not. Since he is a bit experienced in these matters, I keep asking him about these stuffs. So yesterday when I had enquired him about “How to know a girl likes you or not”, his very first words were: “You can never come to know that until the girl herself want you to know.” But still when I insisted to tell at least something or some signs of liking, he told me some of these tips:
-Girls will never let you know that they like you. You have to sense it from their activities and words.

When I enquired what type of activities, he told
-If a girl smiles more than she speaks when she is with you.
-If she uses Hiiiiiiiii/Byeeeeeeeeeeeee/BByeeeee or some other awkward forms other than simple Hi/Bye.

I don’t know about other tips, but my mind got stuck at the last one. Then I went in flashback to confirm what she said to me when she departed. And then just like in TV serials, when someone slaps the other its noise can be heard 10 times, her words were pounding my head “Byeeeeeeeeeee” “Byeeeeeeeeeee” “Byeeeeeeeeeee” “Byeeeeeeeeeee” “Byeeeeeeeeeee”…………………..

Now should I take it as a signal as Rahul suggested, or consider it as a simple Bye clipping ending “eeeeeeeee’s” coz Rahul also suggested me not to hurry with these signals in judging a girl as they are too complicated to be understood. So I thought of giving her a signal from my side instead of waiting for her.

So as I reached to attend Lab, I sat at my place beside her and said “Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii…………..” until I squeezed my whole breathe. She looked at me surprisingly and reacted in a strange way that wasn’t expected. Apart from her, many others who were around started staring at me as if I have snatched their lab equipments for doing experiments. Well I took it as an insult to my self-respect and
didn’t say a word after that and moved to my experiment in hurry. Puja realized that she had reacted in a wrong way and I got hurt with that. So she tried to pull my attention to other things. But I was not in a mood to stay there anymore. So I quickly completed my practical and left the lab.

At hostel that night Rahul came to me and said:
“What were you trying to do in the Lab with your long lasting Hiiii..?”
“Yaar I thought that if her signals are confusing me, I should give her signals from my side that I like her. She must have tried to understand that instead of reacting in a way that made fun of me in front of the whole class.

Rahul laughed at me for some time and then said:
“You are a naive for these things. Damn it. Girls use these signals not boys. If you address a girl with Hiiiiii/Byeeeee  or with a foolish smile on your idiotic face all the time, then they will treat you in some other way but not in the way you wanted.”
“Then you tell me Rahul what should I do? Should I tell her about my feelings rite now or should I wait until her next signal.”
“Look. Boys must not pretend to be sweet and cute if they want to impress a girl. Rather they should be like macho man and must not give that girl much importance otherwise she might take you as a despo guy running to make a girlfriend after being in a college. Ignore her for some time and then see, she herself will approach you.”

This may be your Story -4

This may be your story- 2


I took a sigh of relief after his words. At least the guy who was most likely to try on her is out of the competition. Now I was having a fair chance of winning her heart.

So I was waiting for the right moment to introduce myself to her. We were having our Lab sessions after lunch those days. So when we all gathered for the second meet in our Lab, our Lab assistant made groups of five for doing experiments. It took no time to create a curve on my face. We all five sat in a line according to our roll nos. Although I was not having guts to start first, I tried to say hello. But don’t know how my words got jumbled and they were like “A.a.a.aa..b…bb.”

She looked at my opened my mouth and my loosely spread teeth, gave me a smile and turned back to her work. I tried a lot but was unable to say a hello throughout the 3 hour lab class. I was lacking in guts coz it was my first time when I was interacting with a girl face to face, with a different intention.
Coming back to my room, I was feeling shame on myself. But still I thought of trying again. Dropping my bags in my room, I ran towards hostel computer lab and grabbed a PC in hurry. Opened my facebook account and searched for her. After looking at the results I felt that God has already done a custom search for me and is showing me the favorable result, coz she was just the 2nd option. I sent her a friend request and in no time she accepted it as if she was waiting for my request.
There is one problem with girls I have generally noticed. Even if they want to be in contact with a guy and want all this to happen, they will never take the initiative, coz they think this can spoil their image. Well….Since this time I won’t have to face her, I sent her a message.

Prateek- Hiiiiiiii.
/* And got an instant reply from her side. For coders I don’t think its needed to explain that this block is a comment and not a part of the actual code  */

Puja- Hii
Prateek- Kal ka timetable bhej do mai lena bhool gaya.
/* Well… If a time table can help you to start a chat with a girl, I bet you, u will never prefer to ask your two room-mates even once for that. */

Puja-I don’t know how to attach a file in facebook…. 😦 😦
/* Since I told you that I am a bit lucky, things were going in my favor. */

Prateek- Look dear…..
Prateek- *deer
Prateek- *dear 😀 😀
/* Well if you are about to explain something to a girl and you are not being nice to them, then they can find it as an insult to their bit of intelligence. So I started with a dear, but unfortunately I got messed up with the spelling. Earlier I wrote it correct but then I thought “Isme to badi ee ki matra lagti hogi”. So I changed it. But still I was confused. So I pressed ‘Ctrl + Alt + W’ (wordweb), which is the best way to check for spellings. Now I hope you can get, why my next comment was there with a * and foolish smile at the end.*/

Prateek- From your profile, open messages, and there below text box u will find an option for adding attachment.

Finally after a lot many attempts she was successful in sending me the file. I became so happy, not for getting the file in my chat box but after her lovely thanks (although she just wrote thanks, but I found it soooo lovely) and very sweet smiley (I don’t know what was so sweet in that). But of one thing I was sure. Explaining her to add an attachment made me feel like I am attached with her from ages and I again got lost in her dreams.
I proudly wrote in my chat box-

Prateek- My pleasure darling.
Puja- :O :O :O :O
/* She gave me shocking expressions. */

Being unaware of what I have just sent, I felt strange for her shocking smiles. So I checked my reply to her and that was really shocking for me too. I sent “darling” to a girl with whom I am chatting for the first time and I have to see her the very next morning. Now I understood why day dreaming is harmful. I just felt like ‘Gayi bhains pani me’. Now patching up with her will be like a dream for me coz she won’t even talk to me now. I have never been like this before and I myself was shocked with such behavior of mine. While I was murmuring all this and biting my nails hard, I got her reply after a long time..

Puja- 🙂 🙂
She gave me its okk type expression. But still I was feeling nervous for replying anything. When I didn’t give a reply, she replied…
Puja- 😉
I got confused. Now what is this? She is accepting my words yaar. Now should I say sorry for my words or continue by sending ;). If I will send sorry she may think that m a simple good boy or m pretending to be good. But this will spoil my image that I have made by passing in style from her front in the class. But if I will send ;), she might think that m a bad guy and this too can spoil my image. I don’t know what kind of girl she is and what kind of boy she is looking for.

Puja- ?????
Prateek- Sorry 😉
Prateek- Gotta go now for dinner. See you in the morning.
I thought it would be the best way to escape. I logged out from my account but was willing to log in into her heart.

This may be your story-3

To be continued….

This may be your story- 1

“Why this college administration want us to wake up so early in the morning. I mean, don’t they love to be at their home and spend some quality time with their wives after their kids leave for school. Aaah early morning at nine is so weird. Don’t they know that engineers’ day starts at night and we need to take proper rest after that? Huh….”

I was murmuring this and cursing my college dean while I was getting ready for the first class of my college life. Somehow I managed to get into the classes by 9:12. Thank god that our teachers at least have some courtesy to provide relaxation of 15 minutes in the morning session. Being so late, I can only afford a seat in the last row. But actually that’s what I would prefer even if I come early. After settling myself there, I took an eye at my professor. Oh my god. How can a person be so monotonous in his tone and activities? If he is speaking at 60db now, then if u listen him after 30 minutes he will be still at 60db. I can’t imagine anyone more boring than him.

So I took off my eyes from him and started scanning the whole class for something of my interest or something that I can stare at for the rest of the class. Scanning from the left end till the right, my eyes stopped at an angle with center in the first row. I don’t feel the need to tell you that first rows of the classes are reserved for some beautiful creatures of earth. But I found this one as some exception. I could only see her hairs from that angle. And I don’t know when and how I suddenly started loving curly long hairs. While I was trapped in her beautiful hairs and was trying to figure out her gorgeous face, the professor started ascending to the back benches of my side. I never want my professors to come back and see what we do at back benches, but this time it was like my dream coming true.

Following the professor, her eyes too turned back and to my goodness, almost to my side. OMG….OMG….

My eyes were wide open after getting a look to her face. They got stuck at her face and my heart was feeling like-

Teri jheel si neeli aankhon me doob jane ko dil chahta hai….
Par pata nahi kyu ye kambakht chasma beech me aa jata hai….”

My eyes were begging her to take a look at me and and and…….she did. She looked at me for few seconds. Well I don’t know whether she got some message from my eyes or not, but my heart was saying to her “Yes dear yes. I am the one you are looking for last many years. I am your true mate. I am the one and only one made for you. Trust me please trust me. Don’t take your eyes away from me.”

I know I am a bit lucky but not that much. But since that first eye contact till the end of the class she was dancing, singing, laughing, having fun with me in my mind. While I was enjoying my dreams with her, suddenly my eyes and ears became attentive coz Prof. was about to take attendance. My eyes were focused on her hand and ears were listening to every single word of him with full precision.

“Roll no 33….Rahul Verma”

“Present Sir”

“Roll no 34….Puja Singh.”

“Present Sir”

It was her this time who raised hand on this call. The very next moment I started my efforts to memorize her name and roll no.

“Roll no 35….Prateek Porwal”
“Roll no 35….Prateek Porwal….??”

“aa.aa..a.p..p..present Sir”

I was shocked. I was numb. I was speechless.
Now what’s this? Is it a sign from God to bring us together or just a coincidence? Or am I still dreaming?

By the time I was busy in deciding what it is the guy beside me pinched me.

“Aaah… Why you pinched me?”

“Hi I am Rahul Verma.”

“Oh hi. I am Prateek Porwal. But why you pinched me? Is it the proper way to introduce yourself to others?”

“Oho. Why shouldn’t I? I mean, you are the one next to Puja. Lucky guy haa…”

“Oh there is nothing like that. Why should I be happy? I am not interested yaar.”

“O really..? Then I will give a try on her for sure.”

“No don’t you dare to………a..amm. I mean why you want to try on her? See the girl beside her. She is really pretty na?”

“Yaaaa. But look at Puja yaar. She is looking soooo sweet and simple. I would prefer Puja.”

I don’t know what happened to me and I stood up from my seat and went out of the class. She was there in my mind all the time. While I was waiting outside the class for next prof. to come, Puja too came outside with her friend and stood at some distance by my side in a way so that she can easily keep an eye on me. I am not at all good in acting but somehow I was trying to pretend that I am not looking at her intentionally. Seeing this, she gave a cute smile and then went back to the class.  This made all 32 of mine to appear (come front).

Well, I just followed her next into the class and knowingly passed from her front in some strange style that I have never ever adopted before. I sat back on my seat without giving a look to guy who was there by my side. But he pinched me again.

“Ooooh… What you want now?”

“Why you went outside in between our conversation?”

“Simply. No specific reason for this. Now please let me pay attention to the lecture.”

“Oh I know where your attention will be?”

“What do you mean haa?”

“Don’t try to befool me. I can sense it from your eyes what you want.”

I just kept quiet for some time and then said:

“Yaaa. Actually I don’t want you to look at Puja in that way again. Why don’t you try on her friend? I mean she is also too good yaar.”

“Hahahaha…. Don’t worry bro. I was just taunting you that time. I already have one girlfriend in my hometown and I can’t handle two at a time. In fact it is hard to handle even one. May God bless you..Hahahaha. But trust me; it’s very tough to keep them happy always. Even if u will take your heart and keep it in front of them, they will still find something to become upset and then they will look into you to do a bit more for them.”

We both laughed badly on this. But my senti eyes became shining eyes within seconds.

I took a sigh of relief after his words. At least the guy who was most likely to try on her is out of the competition. Now I was having a fair chance of winning her heart.

To be continued….

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