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Got caught in a situation
With nothing to write
No stories to dictate
And no feelings inside

This world around evolves
Every pie of a second
Still no words to explain
What to me just happened?

A friend got brand new lappi this week
While the other got a mighty car
Someone got a pair of specs on his face
While other one?s face got a scar

Everyone is having something to say
Something to write about life
But I am confused, sitting calm and diffused
Like a Moon but without moonlight

I wake up everyday
Pledging lots of things to share
About my dreams, about my love
About things rarest of the rare

But for every time I try
My heart close down its gate
Feelings prefer to remain buried inside
Words fall short to express my state

This phase in life can come to you
Anytime without your will
When whole world seems to be chatty around
But only you want everything still
Don?t feel retarded in such a condition
Take a paper and a pen along with
And write down whatever your heart feels about
Similar to what I just did.

Sad and Still

Sad and Still

Love You Friend

love you friend1

Today, I was having a chat with very close friend of mine. A friend with whom I can openly share my feelings, my happiness, my sorrows, my guilt, and almost everything. After having a long chat for hours, we departed with just saying:


I remember when our friendship was in a initial phase, our departing words were just composed of “Bye Gudnite” or at max with “Swtdrmzz”. But as days pass by, we became more frank and concerned about each other’s well being. So “Tkcr” was added in the sequence to increase depth of our emotions showing how much we care for each other.

But then later, when these many words were found incapable of sending warmth and depth of our feelings in text, we started inventing new-new words to increase the length of the greetings, just to let the other one know that I have love and affection for you in my heart but I am lacking in words to express them. May the length of my greeting let you know my concerns for you.

We added “Tataaaaa” and then we added “ShubhRatri”.

Still when we found feelings un-expressed, we tried all possible modifications of these 6 words, sometimes by enlarging the length of the words:

Tataaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, etc.

and sometimes by increasing the words or by modifying spellings

Bye Bye,
Good Night,
Have a dreamy night,
Take care dear,
It was really nice talking to you today, etc.

But even after having these many words with so many variations and forms, many a times I found them unsatisfactory and lacking in emotions.

I don’t know the reason behind this. Why there are loads and loads of words to be used by lovers but not for friends. Why it looks inappropriate or a boy/girl hesitates to use “Love You” or “Miss You” or any such words for a girl/boy who is really close to his/her heart.

Today, I want to make my friend know that how much I love to spend time and share words with her, how close she is to my heart and it’s not my dream-girl only whom I misses always.

Although my love for you and my frequency and extent of missing you will be a bit different from that for my dream-girl, I have to admit this:

I Love you and I want you to be a part of my life hamesha and forever.

love you friend2

Love You Friend

Hey Hey Hey
Its a 10K hits day
Thanks to all my readers
And a gratitude I must say

Thanks to my followers
For their comments and supports
Thanks to my editors
For giving me error reports

Thanks to all my friends
For their help and motivation
Thanks to all my visitors
For making this beautiful relation

Reaching upto this point
Is like a dream come true
But finally today I made it
And the credit goes to you

Now I just keep my fingers crossed
With a hope to maintain this stature
Will always need you all my friends
For my success and brighter future.

Answer Me God

From the day I was born
Till the day I may live
Am I destined to face the hatred
No matter how best I give ?

Sometimes I just wonder
Why God do all this to me,
Why people give me hatred, not love
Why not my goodness, do they all see ?

Why everyone stands against me
Why only I have problems in life
Why everyone else around is happy
Why its only me who struggles to survive ?

What wrong I did to this world
That made my life so unfortunate
What sin I commited to you my God
That you made my happiness truncate.

Have I ever hurt my parents
Or have I ever cheated close frineds
Have I ever showed disrespect to elders
Or have I showed disbelief in your presence

Answer Me God

Answer Me God

How long and to what end
Will I be the man to suffer
Is there any end of my hard times
Or the days will grow still more tougher.

Only thing I would like to ask
By the end of all these complaints
Am I not your child like all
Or do I deserves to live in pains.

Now my knees have grown, far too weak
And shoulders got bent to ground
Can’t carry any long, this bulk of ill fortunes
Take my life, before I kill my sound.

Dilwa humaar is bada diler
Ee aawat hai on every chori
Each kona of dil is bhara hua
Then also, tuhaar liye jagah hai thodi

Kaye se ki, jab se dekha hai tumko
Humka to kuch kuch started hoing
Neend not coming, bhook not laging
Bechaini dil ki is day by day growing.

Sochat hain finally ab maar hi dein propose
Aur tumko is dil ka haal batawein
Baith ke knees pe, saans andar kheench ke
Tuhar dil ko apna feelingswa samjhawein

Chahat hain bitawein whole life tuhar sang
Aur har pal ho tum, in front of my eyes
Bride banaike, marriage rachaike
Le javein kahin tumka, bolke sabko goodbyes
Hum think hi rahe the ee sab kuch
Ki tuhar friendwa aa gayi saamne
Dekh ke uu ka, heart dhak dhak hui gava
Felt like doosri dilwa di raam ne

Bas phir kya tha, hum to bhool gaye tumka
And dreamens me humre aavo koi aur
Dilwa humaar to hai hi diler
Ek aur ke liye bhi jagah hogi, for sure

At a ending Note:

RIP English

English Vinglish


Its a kind request from all my readers that if you can spend 5 minutes from your busy schedule to read my post, then please lend me 1 more minute and give me your valuable feedback regarding your likes and dislikes. Else how would i know the number of people who loved my post and people who disliked it. Please…..Its a request.

A Lustful Mind

A Lustful Mind


We were roaming around
When i got eyes on you
My nerves failed to identify
But heart said “you aren’t new”

My eyes got stuck
My senses mesmerized
Why from this stunning beauty
God kept me deprived

The aroma of your presence
Bound me in all manners
Got activated, my pervert mode
With both eyes turned to scanners

Face was cute and lips were red
Long hairs were all in rest
But all these were of lil meaning
As i had, other areas of interest

But from tip to toe
The things you show
Wowed my things( 😉 )
With a lustful blow.

Sliding down your shoulders
Got caught between the lumps
But found my way, through the gaps
As eyes struggled to snub the humps

With one hand in pocket
I managed to sustain my tour
Burning down to deeper thoughts
Gazing at your “24”

Feeling the slick of the waist
Skated down your curves and cuts
Tried to control my rising tides
But my mind was getting nuts.

A friend pulled me out of the scene
Else someone there would have died
Somehow controlled my immense feelings
But with both hands inside