Why and Why not to love

Well this post is also somehow related to girls like many others of mine but not focused on someone specific. You might already have seen many such posts or messages related to this topic and may feel too lazy to find any reason to read the same text again. But from my point view…..”Its different”.

Girls may feel that m favoring boys at many places but I want them to know all pros and cons before stepping into a thing like Love. I have seen a lot of people confused about getting into it or to focus on other main concerns. Like a friend of mine was afraid that it could affect his studies, but was in love with someone. Another one, a colleague of mine, has thoughts like “Girls are weird” and he find all these things useless. So this post may help some of my readers to decide.


I know almost all of you have gone through many explanations like :

  • -If you want someone to greet you with some sweet words early morning at 5’o clock.
  • -If you want someone to love you and care for you more that you do yourself.
  • -If you want someone to be with you when no one else is.
  • -If you want someone with whom you can share everything…….. blah blah blah….

I know many of you won’t find these reasons attractive enough as even I find some of such reasons idiotic. So I thought of giving you some better and logical ones :

  • -First and most important reason is, if you want your friends stop saying to you “Tharki Saala”.
  • -If you don’t want to feel jealous by looking at couples in your campus and think “Kash apni bhi hoti”.
  • -If you want a right to say to your friends – “Bhabhi hai teri”, when you are tired of hearing the same.
  • -Or if you simply want to feel yourself lucky for having a girlfriend in a college where girls ratio over boys is 1:10.

Now check if any of these can pull you to feel like love.


Well if you are still not convinced to fall in love, then m sorry I can’t help you. Or if you have moved only a bit towards love, than my coming reasons will surely pull you back. Beware before reading further.

First of all I would like to point it out that none of first four reasons are catchy enough and also not the true ones.
First one rarely happen coz words will get bitter day by day. Second is a pure lie (except few cases) coz no one loves you once you defy them. Third one may seem true but only until she find someone better(except in few cases). And fourth one…. Hah….just a lame excuse.

Apart from these counter comments I have few effective logics too like I gave you in the pros.

  • -If you want your life to be only yours and no one else should rule it. Coz when a girl will enter into your life, either she will completely override all your day to day functions or will overload them with her own arguments and parameters to have full control over an object of your type. (That a bit of JAVA effect to make programmers understand better. 😉 )
  • -If you don’t want someone to prevent you from doing NSP when you walk around the campus.
  • -If you don’t want to be in a dilemma to choose one from two options – Studies/Girlfriend, Game/ Girlfriend, Movies/ Girlfriend, Friends/ Girlfriend, Food/Girlfriend, Sleep/Girlfriend and many more.
  • -And finally money matters. If you don’t want to look at your empty wallet and think “Itne me to 10 logon ko party de deta”.

M done with it. I know I might have offended few peoples who are in true love or are apparently looking for it, but believe me I have no such intentions since I have specified few exceptions in braces for few points. If some of you have really got your Mr. Right or Miss. Perfect then think over it once again. Coz attractions with people can easily occur and may make you feel like love. But remember, that you have to be lucky enough to find your true love in the same person you once loved.