Answer Me God

From the day I was born
Till the day I may live
Am I destined to face the hatred
No matter how best I give ?

Sometimes I just wonder
Why God do all this to me,
Why people give me hatred, not love
Why not my goodness, do they all see ?

Why everyone stands against me
Why only I have problems in life
Why everyone else around is happy
Why its only me who struggles to survive ?

What wrong I did to this world
That made my life so unfortunate
What sin I commited to you my God
That you made my happiness truncate.

Have I ever hurt my parents
Or have I ever cheated close frineds
Have I ever showed disrespect to elders
Or have I showed disbelief in your presence

Answer Me God
Answer Me God

How long and to what end
Will I be the man to suffer
Is there any end of my hard times
Or the days will grow still more tougher.

Only thing I would like to ask
By the end of all these complaints
Am I not your child like all
Or do I deserves to live in pains.

Now my knees have grown, far too weak
And shoulders got bent to ground
Can’t carry any long, this bulk of ill fortunes
Take my life, before I kill my sound.

Heavenly Blessings


Here I am, sitting so cold, so numb
At a place mixed with greenery and scenery
Emptying all my pains and strains,
Trying to refrain, from the tragedies of my life
Keeping nothing to stress my mind
Keeping nothing to filth my brain

Peace is what, this place is known for
Where people of distincts, with pains for sure,
Come and go, in thousands per day
Seeking some happiness, seeking for cure.

And today is the day when the turn is mine
Sitting at this place of the holy divine,
With sacks of problems and drums of pain
Dumping all here, to gain back my prime.

So Here I am,
Moving above all my college hectics,
Leaving behind, traces of notes ‘n’ assignments,
Unleashing myself from stacks of workload.

Moving above haunting lecturers and professors,
Leaving behind the jealousy with couples in campus
Allowing them all to taunt others, except me.

Moving above mirage of having girls in life,
Leaving behind delights of having girlfriends
Being master of my own likes and interests.

Moving above good for nothing, irritating relatives,
Leaving them to mutter at things i really don’t care
Ignoring their unwanted suggestions for things I do.

Moving above a bunch of selfish friends
Leaving them to sting people, they can take advantage from
But have nothing to give, in return when asked for.

Here I am, gaining back my control over life,
Taking my own decisions, un-influenced, un-restricted,
Feeling proud to be myself once again,
Like a free man of wills and ambitions
Moving back from this heavenly place
With a Godlike companion, this fresh and pleasing rain.

Gone Are Those Bad Days

Today I feel the moonlight
Brightest over my roof,
Today I feel the winds
Favoring the directions of my windows,
Vultures appear to snatch away
All our sufferings and pain,
Street Dogs seems to guard my house
Like nothing can harm us again.

Trees begin to grow around
To cover us from all directions,
Walls and doors grew large and strong
To aid in our protection;
Now even the Sun has chosen Moon
As a source to enlighten us,
As it feared its bright burning rays
May again frighten us.

The only thing all these
Layers of covering symbolizes is,
Auspices of God are on us again
After long days of hardship,
Nothing can shatter our wills this time
Coz we have the God’s blessing,
Our time has come to show the world
The true spirit of living.

Gone are those bad days now
When we starved for a ray of hope,
Gone are those bad days now
When we begged for relief from pain,
Now we lead a life, jumbo size
With happy happenings to see,
Nothing can break this strongest bond
My parents, my brother and me.