My Love For You

My love for you, is naive and pure,
My feelings are true, of that am sure,
The only thing that keeps me away from you,
My mind, my words, this world, this crew.

I may not be staring at you all the time,
I may be ignoring you, when you look at me,
I may seem rude, with my words and speech,
But my heart skips a beat, when you pass by me.

I will be at your side, throughout my life,
I will stay close, whenever you need me,
I will never ask you to change, for what you are,
But the only change I seek, is your last name.

Give me a look, am dying to have it,
May be your step can, make me move a bit,
We will pass this world, we will cross the lines,
We will have a life, leading above the cloud nine.