My Love For You

My love for you, is naive and pure,
My feelings are true, of that am sure,
The only thing that keeps me away from you,
My mind, my words, this world, this crew.

I may not be staring at you all the time,
I may be ignoring you, when you look at me,
I may seem rude, with my words and speech,
But my heart skips a beat, when you pass by me.

I will be at your side, throughout my life,
I will stay close, whenever you need me,
I will never ask you to change, for what you are,
But the only change I seek, is your last name.

Give me a look, am dying to have it,
May be your step can, make me move a bit,
We will pass this world, we will cross the lines,
We will have a life, leading above the cloud nine.

Things I Feel..

These words are reply from Boy’s side for the Girl’s letter Words Can’t Say

The things that you felt, I feel the same.
You express them to me, but mine never came.

My words get juggled, when I try something to say,
feelings are numerous, but my mind make them stay.

My feeling-less expressions, might make you realize,
that I don’t care for relations, and I maintain a disguise.

But O my pretty princess, that’s not my attitude,
My childhood was strange, that made me so rude.

Speechless was my nursery, memory less was my school,
I was never so thoughtful , keeping quiet was my rule.

This is how I was, until the time I find you,
You took words out of me, although they were few.

Your company made me comfortable, your words made me smile,
You were talkative enough, from you I earned my talking style.

Slowly slowly slowly, you entered into my life,
Became friends with me, you cut my shyness with knife.

You taught me to laugh, you made me to speak,
You turned up my life, and kept it at its peak.

Now since you became, a part of my life,
I dreamt of you last night, being my wife.

I woke up confused, wondering what was this signal,
Kept looking at your pic, confirming you as my right gal.

Finally a sigh of completeness came, with a mere thought of having you,
In my arms, in my mind, in my heart, whole life through.

Things I Feel

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