Kaise Bayaan Karun

Tujhe dekhkar meri aankhon ko jo sukun milta hai
Main kaise bayaan karun
Tujhe sochkar meri baaton me jo junoon dikhta hai
Main kaise bayaan karun

Kaise bayaan karun, apne pichle kuch mahinon ki tadap ko
Aur kaise bayaan karun, apne dil se hui us din ki jhadap ko
Jab ye tha to mere paas, par dhadka tumhaare liye tha
Jab ye khushi se naacha to tha, par bol aur geet tumhare the

Kaise bayaan karun, main is aalam-e intezaar ko
Aur kaise bayaan karun, tere dar pe lage us darbaar ko
Jahan main tha ik fariyaadi, apna dil dene aaya tha
Charche the jiske husn ke har gali, ik dafa mil lene aaya tha

Ab?dekho ek ye aaj ka din hai
Jab teri khusboo, meri saanson ka ik hissa si lagti hai
Aur doori jo thi darmiyaan, ab koi purana kissa si lagti hai

Kis kadar tere nashe mein main dooba hua hun
Kaise bayaan karun
Tujhe paakar main jo aaj yun poora hua hun
Kaise bayaan karun



I started writing this before my brother’s marriage. Plan was to make him recite this on stage in front of everyone for Bhabhi. But couldn’t finish it on time and gave him the half cooked(only first two stanzas) thing. More than two months got over and finally I decided to finish it today.

And just for fun, this was the actual ending I came up with earlier 🙂

Tujhe paakar main jo aaj yun poora hua hun
Main kaise bayaan karun
Tujhe saamne roz dekhkar jo phool ke?bhatura hua hun
Main kaise bayaan karun

You were, You are and You will, Always be a Part of My Life

My life took an unexpected turn today.
A part of mine
That was meant to amend me
Whenever I broke down
A part of mine
That was meant to comfort me
Whenever my pains get unbearable
A part of mine
That I felt would always believe in me
Even when whole world defies my existence
A part of mine
That I thought would never say no
Whenever I need someone to be at my side
That part just left me
With such a short notice
That I didn’t even get time grasp the situation
I wasn’t prepared for something like this to happen
Nor was I aware that the tree
That we flourished with years of trust and love
Was so weak to withstand a single stroke

I never knew
How important it was
To pinch everyone every time
To remind them of their existence in our life
How important it was
To make a list of things that will go wrong
If that someone is found absent for a long time
And send them as daily newsletter to every person
How important it was
To let them know every day
That they mean a lot in our small world
So stop taking tests every time, leaving us heartbroken
How important it was
To ignore our passion our work our desires
Just to make that someone feel special
Else they would find themselves obsolete from our lives

Yes I failed on all these grounds
I never made you feel special
Although you were the first person
With whom I shared all goods and bads of my life
I never poked you every day with a message
Although that day would have no meaning
If you were not there to accompany me

Yes I failed every time you tested me
Yes I gave my work a priority over you
Yes I wasn’t there every time you need me
Yes I wasn’t there to catch your tears every time before they fall
But that doesn’t make me a heartless guy
Nor it means I don’t care for you

No matter how worst things get between us
No matter how wrong my words sound to you
You were, You are and You Will
Always be a part of my life

Part Of My Life
Part Of My Life

Love You Friend

love you friend1

Today, I was having a chat with very close friend of mine. A friend with whom I can openly share my feelings, my happiness, my sorrows, my guilt, and almost everything. After having a long chat for hours, we departed with just saying:


I remember when our friendship was in a initial phase, our departing words were just composed of “Bye Gudnite” or at max with “Swtdrmzz”. But as days pass by, we became more frank and concerned about each other’s well being. So “Tkcr” was added in the sequence to increase depth of our emotions showing how much we care for each other.

But then later, when these many words were found incapable of sending warmth and depth of our feelings in text, we started inventing new-new words to increase the length of the greetings, just to let the other one know that I have love and affection for you in my heart but I am lacking in words to express them. May the length of my greeting let you know my concerns for you.

We added “Tataaaaa” and then we added “ShubhRatri”.

Still when we found feelings un-expressed, we tried all possible modifications of these 6 words, sometimes by enlarging the length of the words:

Tataaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, etc.

and sometimes by increasing the words or by modifying spellings

Bye Bye,
Good Night,
Have a dreamy night,
Take care dear,
It was really nice talking to you today, etc.

But even after having these many words with so many variations and forms, many a times I found them unsatisfactory and lacking in emotions.

I don’t know the reason behind this. Why there are loads and loads of words to be used by lovers but not for friends. Why it looks inappropriate or a boy/girl hesitates to use “Love You” or “Miss You” or any such words for a girl/boy who is really close to his/her heart.

Today, I want to make my friend know that how much I love to spend time and share words with her, how close she is to my heart and it’s not my dream-girl only whom I misses always.

Although my love for you and my frequency and extent of missing you will be a bit different from that for my dream-girl, I have to admit this:

I Love you and I want you to be a part of my life hamesha and forever.

love you friend2
Love You Friend

Tera Intezaar Hai…..

Just read it in a flow and rhythm. 🙂

Na ho yun naraj humse
Abhi yeh dil zara udas hai
Tumhe chahte to hain dil-o-jaan se
Par ek ankahi si pyaas hai.

Yeh dil to chahta hai ki
Tujhe bahon me apni mai bhar lu
Teri rooh ko, tere akss ko
Khudme basar mai kar lu.

Chahta hun mera pal pal
Tere pyar ka gulam ho
Jab bhi zubaan khule to
Labon pe bas tera hi naam ho.

Tujhe choo saku, tujhe jee saku
Aisa kahan naseeb hain
Kehne ko hai yahan sab kuch
Phir bhi yeh dil gareeb hai.

Har pal tere na hona ka
Ehsas mujhko hota hai
Dil toot ke bikhar jata hai
Aur tukda tukda rota hai.

Ab aur nahi sahe jaate
Faasle humare darmiyan
Tere bin din to kat jaate hain
Par raatein deti bedardiyaan.

Khatm karo ye narazgi ab
Dilon ko phir paas aane bhi do
Janta hun dard tumko bhi hai
Bas bahut hua ab jaane bhi do.

Ek pal ko bhi na chain aaya
Hai dil tanha, tu gai hai jab se
Har ek pal, har ek din
Tere aane ki raah, dekhta hun tab se.

My Love For You

My love for you, is naive and pure,
My feelings are true, of that am sure,
The only thing that keeps me away from you,
My mind, my words, this world, this crew.

I may not be staring at you all the time,
I may be ignoring you, when you look at me,
I may seem rude, with my words and speech,
But my heart skips a beat, when you pass by me.

I will be at your side, throughout my life,
I will stay close, whenever you need me,
I will never ask you to change, for what you are,
But the only change I seek, is your last name.

Give me a look, am dying to have it,
May be your step can, make me move a bit,
We will pass this world, we will cross the lines,
We will have a life, leading above the cloud nine.

Things I Feel..

These words are reply from Boy’s side for the Girl’s letter Words Can’t Say

The things that you felt, I feel the same.
You express them to me, but mine never came.

My words get juggled, when I try something to say,
feelings are numerous, but my mind make them stay.

My feeling-less expressions, might make you realize,
that I don’t care for relations, and I maintain a disguise.

But O my pretty princess, that’s not my attitude,
My childhood was strange, that made me so rude.

Speechless was my nursery, memory less was my school,
I was never so thoughtful , keeping quiet was my rule.

This is how I was, until the time I find you,
You took words out of me, although they were few.

Your company made me comfortable, your words made me smile,
You were talkative enough, from you I earned my talking style.

Slowly slowly slowly, you entered into my life,
Became friends with me, you cut my shyness with knife.

You taught me to laugh, you made me to speak,
You turned up my life, and kept it at its peak.

Now since you became, a part of my life,
I dreamt of you last night, being my wife.

I woke up confused, wondering what was this signal,
Kept looking at your pic, confirming you as my right gal.

Finally a sigh of completeness came, with a mere thought of having you,
In my arms, in my mind, in my heart, whole life through.

Things I Feel

Please quote the lines that you like the most in this.

Words Can’t Say…

These are words of a girl who is missing her love. There is a large distance gap between them and they even can’t meet whenever they like. They are from different castes, and their families don’t support this. So they are just hoping that things will go good in future.

My words cant say
How much I love you
How much I need you
How keenly in my life
I want you to stay.

When I wake up in the dawn
I want you to be there
Holding my hand
On your knees, making me understand
Things will go good upon.

I miss you at noon
And I feel so lonely
You are the one who give me hiccups
But your absense gives me kickups
Please be my hubby soon.

With the soothing winds of the evening,
My desire for you increases,
I am loosing my patience
Please cross over this distance
And take me away, like a king.

Wiht my expectations fading down
I go to sleep sobbing high
Missing you like hell
Without you world is like a cell
Console me please, just wanna hear ur sound.

My words cant say
How my days pass by
How intensive are my feelings
How keenly in my life
I want you to stay.

..Our Love is Greater than Distance between Us..

Love is greater than distance between us

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