Words Can’t Say…

These are words of a girl who is missing her love. There is a large distance gap between them and they even can’t meet whenever they like. They are from different castes, and their families don’t support this. So they are just hoping that things will go good in future.

My words cant say
How much I love you
How much I need you
How keenly in my life
I want you to stay.

When I wake up in the dawn
I want you to be there
Holding my hand
On your knees, making me understand
Things will go good upon.

I miss you at noon
And I feel so lonely
You are the one who give me hiccups
But your absense gives me kickups
Please be my hubby soon.

With the soothing winds of the evening,
My desire for you increases,
I am loosing my patience
Please cross over this distance
And take me away, like a king.

Wiht my expectations fading down
I go to sleep sobbing high
Missing you like hell
Without you world is like a cell
Console me please, just wanna hear ur sound.

My words cant say
How my days pass by
How intensive are my feelings
How keenly in my life
I want you to stay.

..Our Love is Greater than Distance between Us..

Love is greater than distance between us

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