Gone Are Those Bad Days

Today I feel the moonlight
Brightest over my roof,
Today I feel the winds
Favoring the directions of my windows,
Vultures appear to snatch away
All our sufferings and pain,
Street Dogs seems to guard my house
Like nothing can harm us again.

Trees begin to grow around
To cover us from all directions,
Walls and doors grew large and strong
To aid in our protection;
Now even the Sun has chosen Moon
As a source to enlighten us,
As it feared its bright burning rays
May again frighten us.

The only thing all these
Layers of covering symbolizes is,
Auspices of God are on us again
After long days of hardship,
Nothing can shatter our wills this time
Coz we have the God’s blessing,
Our time has come to show the world
The true spirit of living.

Gone are those bad days now
When we starved for a ray of hope,
Gone are those bad days now
When we begged for relief from pain,
Now we lead a life, jumbo size
With happy happenings to see,
Nothing can break this strongest bond
My parents, my brother and me.